Galera Cluster a Walk through ( Presentation)

This presentation is about Galera. Galera is a synchronous high availability clustering solution designed for MySQL. At MyDBOPS we have customers on Galera. They depend on the Galera for their business high availability and read scaling. Handling and troubleshooting a Galera cluster needs more expertise. This presentation is a walk through on Galera Cluster with … More Galera Cluster a Walk through ( Presentation)

Security: MySQL Password Validation Plugin

Introduction: Password is be like the words, numbers and string of characters. On database and server side, the username and password were should needed for certain access. The password should be structured and security based. In this section we are going to take a elaborate view on validate_password plugin in MySQL.  We have seen about … More Security: MySQL Password Validation Plugin

Integrating MariaDB Audit plugin in MySQL 5.7

Introduction: Basically, Auditing is the process of monitoring and recording the activity happens inside the Server. MariaDB Audit Plugin is works with MariaDB, MySQL and Percona Servers. It is used to log the database Operations like, SQL Statements, User informations, Connections. The informations are stored in a user defined log file or in Syslog. Available audit … More Integrating MariaDB Audit plugin in MySQL 5.7

Enabling TokuDB in Percona server 5.7

The TokuDB engine must be separately downloaded and then enabled as a plug-in component in previous versions. This package can be installed alongside with standard Percona Server 5.6 releases starting with 5.6.19-67.0 and does not require any specially adapted version of Percona Server. After acquisition Percona has integrated the TokuDB with their standard Percona Server distribution. … More Enabling TokuDB in Percona server 5.7