Scale With MaxScale – Part 2

In this post, We’re going share the details about Operation and Administration part of the MaxScale. To view Installation and Configuration of MaxScale checkout our previous blog. Before going through this week’s topic, I would highlight some recent change at MaxScale has went through. From Version 2.0, MaxScale license changed from GPLv2 to MariaDB BSL. MariaDB … More Scale With MaxScale – Part 2

InnoDB ‘Linux aio’ returned OS error 0. Cannot continue operation.

We had faced a weird error for one of our client under Emergency MySQL Support, it was a slave server. Client stated that whenever he tries to Start the replication it goes of loop of restarts. We had a sharing session with the client, At first we intended to rebuild the slave with a fresh … More InnoDB ‘Linux aio’ returned OS error 0. Cannot continue operation.

Estimating records in index range and CPU Spike (MariaDB)

Recently we got paged by CPU spikes on one of our clients slave MySQL ( MariaDB ) server under MyDBOPS Remote DBA Team Support. Our MySQL Engineers started analysing the root cause of the issues and resolved it. This blog provides an overview of the troubleshooting and fix proposed. System Summary : Database server : 10.1.10-MariaDB-log … More Estimating records in index range and CPU Spike (MariaDB)

Galera Cluster a Walk through ( Presentation)

This presentation is about Galera. Galera is a synchronous high availability clustering solution designed for MySQL. At MyDBOPS we have customers on Galera. They depend on the Galera for their business high availability and read scaling. Handling and troubleshooting a Galera cluster needs more expertise. This presentation is a walk through on Galera Cluster with … More Galera Cluster a Walk through ( Presentation)

Security: MySQL Password Validation Plugin

Introduction: Password is be like the words, numbers and string of characters. On database and server side, the username and password were should needed for certain access. The password should be structured and security based. In this section we are going to take a elaborate view on validate_password plugin in MySQL.  We have seen about … More Security: MySQL Password Validation Plugin