Exploring Aurora serverlessV2 for MySQL Part 2 – Migration

Greetings everyone!!!!! Let's begin the phase II of our blog on Aurora serverless-V2. Part 1 - https://mydbops.wordpress.com/2022/05/22/exploring-auAurora-serverless-v2-for-mysqlHere, I have focused primarily on the migration strategies, hence this blog will be helpful for those who are in a stance to migrate towards serverless V2. Before entering into the migration strategies, let's take a look at the … Continue reading Exploring Aurora serverlessV2 for MySQL Part 2 – Migration


PgPool – II Installation & Configuration – (Part-I)

PGPool-II is an open-source proxy software that can be used for the PostgreSQL servers(ProxySQL for MySQL) environment. It lies between the application server/PostgreSQL client and the PostgreSQL database servers and can provide much-needed features like Load Balancing, Query Cache, Connection Pooling, and Watchdog. Each feature requires a detailed explanation with supporting examples. So, in this … Continue reading PgPool – II Installation & Configuration – (Part-I)

Dockerizing MySQL step by step.

As a Database Engineer in Mydbops. We tend to solve multiple complex problems for our esteemed customers. To control the System resources and scale up /down based on needed we are evaluating Dockers and Kubernetes. Docker is a set of platform as a service products that uses OS-level virtualization to deliver software in packages called … Continue reading Dockerizing MySQL step by step.

XtraDB Cluster troubleshooting a rejected node.

PXC(Percona XtraDB Cluster), aka Galera cluster, is one of my favorite clustering technology for MySQL that comes with real Multi-master capabilities, Write-set based nearly real-time replication and many more features. I could proudly say that Mydbops is one of the very few companies who have been supporting mission-critical clusters and preaching PXC ie., Galera cluster … Continue reading XtraDB Cluster troubleshooting a rejected node.

MySQL 8.0 Clone Plugin and its internal process.

MySQL 8 has recently released clone plugin which makes DBA's task of rebuilding the DB servers more easy. Cloning is a process of creating an exact copy of the original. In technical terms cloning alias to (Backup + Recovery), MySQL database cloning requires a sequence of actions to be performed manually or in a scripted fashion … Continue reading MySQL 8.0 Clone Plugin and its internal process.

TaskMax limit affects MySQL connections

Recently we had been bitten by a Systemd limitation at the “Tasks” created per-unit ie., process. This includes both the kernel threads and user-space threads, with each thread counting individually. Am writing this blog as a reference for someone who might come across this limitation. We have been actively working on migration DB instances, from … Continue reading TaskMax limit affects MySQL connections

MongoDB Aggregation Framework an Overview

          The MongoDB Aggregation Framework is a way to query the data from MongoDB. It helps us to break the complex logics into a simple set of sequential operations. Just like a waterfall model, Output from one stage is fed as an input for the next stage until the desired result … Continue reading MongoDB Aggregation Framework an Overview

Will IO Size Affect your RDS Performance?​

During our recent consulting with one of our client, We came across an interesting issue on RDS. The baseline is that "Low IO size on your RDS instance can affect your DB performance".  Yes, It’s IO size, Not IOPS. We had our production systems running on RDS MySQL with a single master, 3 replicas. All … Continue reading Will IO Size Affect your RDS Performance?​

MySQL Partition Manager (Yahoo!) in a nutshell

Partitioning is a way of splitting the actual data down into separate .ibd files (data compartments) in the file system based on the defined ranges using the partitioning key. It can help us with maintaining the enormous amount of data in different partitions without much hassle. In this blog post, we are going to see how … Continue reading MySQL Partition Manager (Yahoo!) in a nutshell

Presentation : Evolution of DBA’s in the Cloud Era

Mydbops team has presented at 15th edition Open source India Conference happened at Bangalore on 12-10-2018. Manosh malai ( Senior Devops/ DB Consultant ) and Kabilesh P R ( Co-Founder Mydbops ) has made presentation on "Evolution of DBA in the Cloud Era". They have shared the value addition that DBA's can bring into any … Continue reading Presentation : Evolution of DBA’s in the Cloud Era