PgPool – II Installation & Configuration – (Part-I)

PGPool-II is an open-source proxy software that can be used for the PostgreSQL servers(ProxySQL for MySQL) environment. It lies between the application server/PostgreSQL client and the PostgreSQL database servers and can provide much-needed features like Load Balancing, Query Cache, Connection Pooling, and Watchdog. Each feature requires a detailed explanation with supporting examples. So, in this … Continue reading PgPool – II Installation & Configuration – (Part-I)

Deduplication of B Tree Indexes in PostgreSQL 13

PostgreSQL 13 is generally available from September 24, 2020. Last year, PostgreSQL 12 was released with a lot of features like Generated Columns, Partitioning Improvements and so on and started to be widely used in Production Environments. This year, PostgreSQL 13 comes up with more exciting features as well as performance and security improvements. Here … Continue reading Deduplication of B Tree Indexes in PostgreSQL 13

Exploring Logical Backup in PostgreSQL.

                      Backup and Recovery is one of the most essential jobs for every database administrator. We all know the importance of the backups for the databases. Here I am not going to write its importance, rather about the different types of backup tools available for … Continue reading Exploring Logical Backup in PostgreSQL.

Getting started with PGBouncer in PostgreSQL

Resource management is one of the key thing in all RDBMS. DB Connections is one of them. In PostgreSQL, Allocating more connections without proper analysis of resources causes an overhead in Memory usage and the creation of an OS process for each connection will lead to a scheduling overhead in the time-sharing operating system. These … Continue reading Getting started with PGBouncer in PostgreSQL