Xtrabackup for handling Encrypted Tablespace

      ​In this post, we are going to see how we can backup encrypted tables using Xtrabackup. InnoDB supports data encryption for InnoDB tables stored in file per table tablespaces. For the application to access encrypted tablespace, InnoDB will use master encryption key to decrypt the tablespace key. The master encryption key is stored … More Xtrabackup for handling Encrypted Tablespace

Scale With Maxscale – Part 3 (Replication)

This blog post is continuation of series of blog post on Maxscale, Part-1 which provides detailed introductory to Maxscale, Part-2 deals about the operation and administration of Maxscale. In this we will discusses, How Maxscale can be efficiently used for read scaling with mysql replication (Master – Slave). Replication is a great feature which is … More Scale With Maxscale – Part 3 (Replication)

Read MySQL Binlogs better with rows query log events

Introduction :  In MySQL the replication is logical. And the DB changes were written to mysqlbinlog. This mysqlbinlog is pulled (IO Thread) and applied ( SQL Thread) by the slave servers. Binlog is the key for MySQL Replication. Binary logging format is of three types. Statement ROW Mixed ROW based replication benefits the smaller writes … More Read MySQL Binlogs better with rows query log events

Virtual Columns in MySQL and Use cases.

Introduction: MySQL 5.7 introduces a new feature called virtual/generated column. It is called generated column because the data of this column is computed based on a predefined expression or from other columns. What is Virtual Column ? In general virtual columns appear to be normal table columns, but their values are derived rather than being … More Virtual Columns in MySQL and Use cases.

Security: MySQL Password Validation Plugin

Introduction: Password is be like the words, numbers and string of characters. On database and server side, the username and password were should needed for certain access. The password should be structured and security based. In this section we are going to take a elaborate view on validate_password plugin in MySQL.  We have seen about … More Security: MySQL Password Validation Plugin

Integrating MariaDB Audit plugin in MySQL 5.7

Introduction: Basically, Auditing is the process of monitoring and recording the activity happens inside the Server. MariaDB Audit Plugin is works with MariaDB, MySQL and Percona Servers. It is used to log the database Operations like, SQL Statements, User informations, Connections. The informations are stored in a user defined log file or in Syslog. Available audit … More Integrating MariaDB Audit plugin in MySQL 5.7