Presentation : Handling Schema Changes Via Percona Toolkit

The schema changes in production can cause lock at time and makes the slave to lag. It is more tedious and troublesome with PXC ( Galera ) cluster which can be made smoother with Percona online schema change. Image Courtesy : Photo by Andrew Ruiz on Unsplash


Ansible Best Practices

Managing Heterogeneous environment without automation can be tricky. We are using Ansible as an automation tool for install, configure and manage DB infra for Mydbops. Using Ansible, we overcome a lot of obstacle's and we would like to share our learning with the community ( Our Presentation on Ansible )   Best Practices to write … Continue reading Ansible Best Practices

Reading Amazon RDS MySQL/Aurora log file from terminal.

Introduction: At Mydbops we support a good number of clients on AWS cloud (Aurora and RDS). Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) is providing the cloud based database service. It is the cost-efficient, resize able & ease to manage. As in any other DBaaS, If you need to analyse the log files (Error log / Slow … Continue reading Reading Amazon RDS MySQL/Aurora log file from terminal.

ProxySQL Series: Seamless Replication Switchover Using MHA

This is our second blog in the ProxySQL Series ( Blog I MySQL Replication Read-write Split up ). Will cover how to integrate ProxySQL with MHA to handle failover of Database servers. We already have Master - Slave replication setup behind ProxySQL from previous blog [ProxySQL On MySQL Replication] For this setup we have added one more … Continue reading ProxySQL Series: Seamless Replication Switchover Using MHA

Presentation: Ansible is our Wishbone

This presentation was made at LSPE event in Bangalore (India) held at Walmart labs on 10-03-2018. This presentation focuses how we have harnessed the power of Ansible at Mydbops.    

Online Schema Change for Tables with Triggers.

In this post, We will learn how to handle online schema change if the table has triggers. In PXC, an alter can be made directly ( TOI ) on tables with less than a 1G ( by default) , but on a 20GB or 200GB table we need some downtime to do ( RSU ). … Continue reading Online Schema Change for Tables with Triggers.

Scale With Maxscale – Part 3 (Replication)

This blog post is continuation of series of blog post on Maxscale, Part-1 which provides detailed introductory to Maxscale, Part-2 deals about the operation and administration of Maxscale. In this we will discusses, How Maxscale can be efficiently used for read scaling with mysql replication (Master - Slave). Replication is a great feature which is … Continue reading Scale With Maxscale – Part 3 (Replication)

Scale With MaxScale – Part 2

In this post, We're going share the details about Operation and Administration part of the MaxScale. To view Installation and Configuration of MaxScale checkout our previous blog. Before going through this week's topic, I would highlight some recent change at MaxScale has went through. From Version 2.0, MaxScale license changed from GPLv2 to MariaDB BSL. MariaDB … Continue reading Scale With MaxScale – Part 2

Scale With MaxScale – Part 1

In this post, I ' m going to cover my recent encounter with MaxScale. We had to help one of our client to load balance and split read / writes on their 3 node Percona XtraDB Cluster (PXC). List of available options were HaProxy MaxScale ProxySQL Implementation of HaProxy is ruled out as It's doesn't … Continue reading Scale With MaxScale – Part 1

Percona Tool kit for Effective MySQL Administration

At MyDBOPS we focus on faster database operations. So we have build our own set of our tools and also we use standard open source tools. Percona tool kit and Xtrabackup are some of the prominent tools we use. This is presentation about a few percona tool that every DBA should consider using it.