Scale With MaxScale – Part 2

In this post, We’re going share the details about Operation and Administration part of the MaxScale. To view Installation and Configuration of MaxScale checkout our previous blog. Before going through this week’s topic, I would highlight some recent change at MaxScale has went through. From Version 2.0, MaxScale license changed from GPLv2 to MariaDB BSL. MariaDB … More Scale With MaxScale – Part 2

Faster Logical backup using MyDUMPER (Presentation).

Backups are crucial for any organization. At MyDBOPS our clients need both logical and hot backup. We use mydumper for faster logical backups. We have made a blog on mysqlpump ( 5.7) to make faster logical backup. But mysqlpump do not have rich set of features. mydumper has rich set of features which makes most of … More Faster Logical backup using MyDUMPER (Presentation).