Beware of your Backup before upgrading MySQL 8.0.30

MySQL 8.0.30 was released on 26-07-2022. It has a good list of features. Generated Invisible Primary Key Dynamic Redo log Sizing Instruments to monitor group replication memory Support for Ubuntu 22.04 A most notable feature for Database Administrators and database reliability engineers is Dynamic redo logging. The more widely adopted open-source backup tool is Xtrabackup. … Continue reading Beware of your Backup before upgrading MySQL 8.0.30


Stream MySQL data with mydumper

Mydumper supports streaming of backups right from version 0.11.3 and the latest version Mydumper 0.12.3 it enabled its support for compressed streaming backup. This was the most awaited feature added to Mydumper, making it a more powerful tool for data migration to RDS or Cloud. If you are hearing mydumper for the first time, then … Continue reading Stream MySQL data with mydumper

Faster Logical Backup/Restore using pgcopydb – PostgreSQL

No doubt, pg_dump/pg_restore is an amazing tool to perform logical backup and restorations in PostgreSQL. We have already explained in detail about pg_dump/pg_restore here. The tool pgcopydb is an Open Source tool that automates executing pg_dump and pg_restore between two PostgreSQL servers. It is a wrapper over pg_dump and pg_restore to simplify the process with … Continue reading Faster Logical Backup/Restore using pgcopydb – PostgreSQL

Major SST methods In XtraDB / MariaDB Cluster and its supporting files.

Galera replicates the data across the cluster in a virtually synchronous fashion. Based on the availability of cluster nodes the type of data transfer can vary. The important factor which decides the type of data transfer required here is the existing write set in gcache. Galera Cluster stores write-sets in a special cache called the … Continue reading Major SST methods In XtraDB / MariaDB Cluster and its supporting files.

6 Step MySQL Point-In-Time recovery on AWS RDS

Recently one of our customers ran into an issue, wherein a bad actor(code) from the application had made the wrong update to 16 M records of a critical table in the database, causing the entire production process to go down. The application Team was able to find the bad actor and block it, our Remote … Continue reading 6 Step MySQL Point-In-Time recovery on AWS RDS

Backup and Recovery using Mariabackup.

A Database Engineer should always be aware of how the database stores valuable data and also to safeguard it. Data may be lost due to a lot of reasons like some critical problems in the hardware, crashes, human mistakes, and more other reasons. That is why we need to take database backups. To make backups … Continue reading Backup and Recovery using Mariabackup.

Exploring Logical Backup in PostgreSQL.

                      Backup and Recovery is one of the most essential jobs for every database administrator. We all know the importance of the backups for the databases. Here I am not going to write its importance, rather about the different types of backup tools available for … Continue reading Exploring Logical Backup in PostgreSQL.

MySQL Clone Plugin Speed Test

In my previous blog, I have explained how the MySQL clone plugin works internally. In this blog, I am going to do a comparison of  Backup and Recovery speed of MySQL clone plugin with other available mysql open source backup tools. Below tools are used for speed comparison of Backup and Recovery, Clone-Plugin Xtrabackup mysqldump … Continue reading MySQL Clone Plugin Speed Test

Setting up a High Availability for PMM

We have been working with PMM for quite a long time, we do most of the performance analysis with PMM for most of our clients. It also provides the flexibility that we have built our own custom dashboard. PMM has many advantages Easy to deploy (docker based) Flexible Customizable Query Analytics One-stop solution for MySQL,Mongo,ProxySQL … Continue reading Setting up a High Availability for PMM

Flashback Recovery in MariaDB/MySQL Servers

In this blog, we will see how to do a flashback recovery or rolling back the data in MariaDB, MySQL and Percona. As we know the saying  "All humans make mistakes", following that in Database environment the data modified accidentally can bring havoc to any organisations. Recover the lost data The data can be recovered … Continue reading Flashback Recovery in MariaDB/MySQL Servers