Migrate MySQL data to RDS/Aurora Using Xtrabackup

In this blog, I will provide a step by step procedure to migrate from on-premise MySQL to Amazon RDS/Aurora using Percona-xtrabackup Both RDS and Aurora is a DBAAS provided by Amazon. To know more on DBAAS you can view our presentation here. When you are having a database in size of few GB, it would … Continue reading Migrate MySQL data to RDS/Aurora Using Xtrabackup


Presentation: Highly efficient backup with Xtrabackup

  Xtrabackup is the most widely open source hot backup tool for MySQL. Xtrabackup support InnoDB and MyISAM engines.It supports both MySQL Server , Percona Server and MariaDB. This presentation covers some of the important features in Xtrabackup. Pic Courtesy : https://www.flickr.com/photos/robbiewendt/8108744459/

TokuDB hot Backup and Recovery.

TokuDB is a high compression Engine for MySQL. It uses Fractal tree pages and huge data pages to achieve the The Percona TokuBackup library intercepts system calls that write files and duplicates the writes on backup files. It does this while copying files to the backup directory. The TokuBackup library must be installed into the mysqld … Continue reading TokuDB hot Backup and Recovery.

MySQL Enterprise Backup ( MEB)

MySQL Enterprise Backup (MEB) is a high performance hot backup tool. It is a stable tool and evolved with changes in IT industry. The recent versions has support to direct cloud backup in S3. It is an enterprise backup tool from Oracle MySQL and integrated quite well with MEM ( MySQL Enterprise Monitor ). This … Continue reading MySQL Enterprise Backup ( MEB)

Faster Logical backup using MyDUMPER (Presentation).

Backups are crucial for any organization. At MyDBOPS our clients need both logical and hot backup. We use mydumper for faster logical backups. We have made a blog on mysqlpump ( 5.7) to make faster logical backup. But mysqlpump do not have rich set of features. mydumper has rich set of features which makes most of … Continue reading Faster Logical backup using MyDUMPER (Presentation).

Getting Started with Mysqlpump ( Parallel mysqldump)

MySQL 5.7 is about to release. Our DBA’s has started to explore a few feature from the complete list of features. Mysqlpump is a new client utility for performing logical backup that is being currently shipped with version MySQL – 5.7.8-rc. This could be the replacement for traditional Mysqldump utility. It was criticized for being … Continue reading Getting Started with Mysqlpump ( Parallel mysqldump)