Building a MySQL Firewall with ProxySQL

We are aware of ProxySQL as an SQL load balancing tool with a lot of features bundled in it.Now it has added firewall rules integrated too. Below are a few interesting features explained and explored by our Mydbops team. MySQL replication Read-Write Split up Replication Switchover using ProxySQL And MHA HA for Proxysql with keepalived … Continue reading Building a MySQL Firewall with ProxySQL

An Overview of DDL Algorithm’s in MySQL ( covers MySQL 8)

Database schema change is becoming more frequent than before, Four out of five application updates(Releases) requires a corresponding database change, For a DBA schema change is a more often a repetitive task, it might be a request from the application team for adding or modifying columns in a table and many more cases. MySQL supports … Continue reading An Overview of DDL Algorithm’s in MySQL ( covers MySQL 8)

Monitoring MySQL using ProxySQL

ProxySQL is a high-performance load balancer that helps DBAs a lot and gives more control over MySQL Database. At Mydbops we use ProxySQL extensively to support our customers. We have seen a variety of use cases with ProxySQL and blogged a few We have written a series of blogs on ProxySQL (ProxySQL Series) MySQL replication … Continue reading Monitoring MySQL using ProxySQL

Flashback Recovery in MariaDB/MySQL Servers

In this blog, we will see how to do a flashback recovery or rolling back the data in MariaDB, MySQL and Percona. As we know the saying  "All humans make mistakes", following that in Database environment the data modified accidentally can bring havoc to any organisations. Recover the lost data The data can be recovered … Continue reading Flashback Recovery in MariaDB/MySQL Servers

Impact of “tmpdir” change in MySQL replication

Recently we had encountered a strange issue with replication and temp directory(tmpdir) change while working for one major client. All the servers under this were running with Percona flavor of MySQL versioned 5.6.38 hosted on a Debian 8(Jessie) The MySQL architecture setup  is as follows one master with 5 direct slaves under it Through this … Continue reading Impact of “tmpdir” change in MySQL replication

How to Switch Replica Master of a non-GTID Slave in Percona Cluster ?

Introduction - Recently i worked on a production issue for one of our client under support .They have a architecture of a three node Galera cluster with one asynchronous slave . Node1 - - - - Architecture - The slave(replica) was configured with node3 as replica master. Unfortunately the node 3 was … Continue reading How to Switch Replica Master of a non-GTID Slave in Percona Cluster ?

Descending index in MySQL 8.0

MySQL 8.0 has come with a list of new features for DBA's ,we will discuss the new feature in MySQL 8.0 which supports Descending index.Prior to MySQL 8.0 (i.e MySQL 5.6 and 5.7) creating desc index syntax was supported but desc keyword was ignored, Now in MySQL 8.0 release descending index is extended are supported. … Continue reading Descending index in MySQL 8.0