Presentation : Handling Schema Changes Via Percona Toolkit

The schema changes in production can cause lock at time and makes the slave to lag. It is more tedious and troublesome with PXC ( Galera ) cluster which can be made smoother with Percona online schema change. Image Courtesy : Photo by Andrew Ruiz on Unsplash


Handling long duration SST(timeout) in PXC with systemd

In this blog post, We will be explaining about the timeouts in SST on systemd implementation which we faced recently in Percona XtraDB Cluster  during our Consulting with a client. State Snapshot Transfers (SST) refers to complete data sync from one of the nodes from the cluster to the joining node. SST will happen for one or … Continue reading Handling long duration SST(timeout) in PXC with systemd

Replication Will not Start On AWS RDS for MariaDB 10.2

AWS recently announced the release of MariaDB 10.2 for RDS. One of customer needs this release for GIS indexing .The recent encounter on a Replication issue with RDS MariaDB 10.2 is briefed here . Problem Statement: After the upgrade of replicas to MariaDB 10.2 on RDS, Once replication is stopped manually through “call mysql.rds_stop_replication;” or … Continue reading Replication Will not Start On AWS RDS for MariaDB 10.2

MongoDB Process List In MySQL Way

MongoDB Processlist: As a DBA from MySQL background. I always wanted to quickly visualise what process / queries running inside my MongoDB server just like i do “show processlist” in MySQL. db.currentOp(): MongoDB command “db.currentOp()” can be used for this purpose. But the command returns a lengthy JSON which is hard to quickly grasp … Continue reading MongoDB Process List In MySQL Way

MongoDB Index Usage Analysis

At MYDBOPS we have ventured into MongoDB recently. We have been exploring it deeply from Jan-2017. In most cases we see MongoDB and MySQL exists together as a part of DB Infra. We have been engaged as part of open source migration for a biggest retail in US.It involves MongoDB and MySQL as a datastore. … Continue reading MongoDB Index Usage Analysis

Scale With MaxScale – Part 2

In this post, We're going share the details about Operation and Administration part of the MaxScale. To view Installation and Configuration of MaxScale checkout our previous blog. Before going through this week's topic, I would highlight some recent change at MaxScale has went through. From Version 2.0, MaxScale license changed from GPLv2 to MariaDB BSL. MariaDB … Continue reading Scale With MaxScale – Part 2

Scale With MaxScale – Part 1

In this post, I ' m going to cover my recent encounter with MaxScale. We had to help one of our client to load balance and split read / writes on their 3 node Percona XtraDB Cluster (PXC). List of available options were HaProxy MaxScale ProxySQL Implementation of HaProxy is ruled out as It's doesn't … Continue reading Scale With MaxScale – Part 1