Row scanned equals to 1, Is the query is optimally tuned ?

A few days ago one of our intern @mydbops reached me with a SQL query. The query scans only a row according to the execution plan. But query does not seems optimally performing. Below is the SQL query and its explain plan. ( MySQL 5.7 ) select username, role from user_roles where username= '9977223389' ORDER … Continue reading Row scanned equals to 1, Is the query is optimally tuned ?


Presentation : JSON improvements in MySQL 8.0

MySQL User camp is one of the prestigious MySQL meetup happening in India for the past 6 years. Mydbops DBA's PonSuresh and Vignesh has presented about the "JSON functions and their improvements in MySQL 8.0" at MySQL User Camp Bangalore on 13-02-2019. JSON has been more improved a lot in MySQL 8.0 and improvements in … Continue reading Presentation : JSON improvements in MySQL 8.0

Summary – Mydbops Database meetup 2

Mydbops database meetup was held on 26-01-2019 and 48 members from open source database community has attended this event. We had talks on MySQL and MongoDB databases. Open source database enthusiastic from companies like OLA Cabs, Searce Inc, PayTm, Quikr, Zensar, Grab, SAP labs, Travel Yarri, Meddiff and a few has travelled from other cities … Continue reading Summary – Mydbops Database meetup 2

Presentation:Evolution of MySQL Parallel Replication

MySQL replication has evolved a lot in 5.6 ,5.7 and 8.0. This presentation focus on the changes made in parallel replication. It covers MySQL 8.0. It was presented at Mydbops database meetup on 04-08-2016 in Bangalore.

Presentation : Customer Experience on InnoDB Cluster

  As Mydbops we have consulted  many large scale MySQL deployments. This presentation is about one of our customer who is one of the largest retailer in North America. This is about their data migration to InnoDB Cluster ( MySQL ) from an enterprise database.

Investigating a MySQL dead lock

I was involved in one of the development support for MySQL. Here is an interesting case The application needs a Sequence generator as it was not present inbuilt with MySQL ( MariaDB will have it in 10.3 ) they have made sequence generator function with 'select for update' statement. But it tends to cause more locking … Continue reading Investigating a MySQL dead lock

Read MySQL Binlogs better with rows query log events

Introduction :  In MySQL the replication is logical. And the DB changes were written to mysqlbinlog. This mysqlbinlog is pulled (IO Thread) and applied ( SQL Thread) by the slave servers. Binlog is the key for MySQL Replication. Binary logging format is of three types. Statement ROW Mixed ROW based replication benefits the smaller writes … Continue reading Read MySQL Binlogs better with rows query log events

Estimating records in index range and CPU Spike (MariaDB)

Recently we got paged by CPU spikes on one of our clients slave MySQL ( MariaDB ) server under MyDBOPS Remote DBA Team Support. Our MySQL Engineers started analysing the root cause of the issues and resolved it. This blog provides an overview of the troubleshooting and fix proposed. System Summary : Database server : 10.1.10-MariaDB-log … Continue reading Estimating records in index range and CPU Spike (MariaDB)

Galera Cluster a Walk through ( Presentation)

This presentation is about Galera. Galera is a synchronous high availability clustering solution designed for MySQL. At MyDBOPS we have customers on Galera. They depend on the Galera for their business high availability and read scaling. Handling and troubleshooting a Galera cluster needs more expertise. This presentation is a walk through on Galera Cluster with … Continue reading Galera Cluster a Walk through ( Presentation)

MySQL in OSI days 2015

Open Source India  days ( 2015 ) was held at NIMHANS Convention Centre  in Bangalore. It was a two days event. Database day track was held at the second day. MyDBOPS team has participated with enthusiasm.   Oracle Linux and MySQL have their Stalls at the Venue ( Oracle and MySQL were Gold partners of this event ).There … Continue reading MySQL in OSI days 2015