Security Enhancement in MySQL 5.7

SECURITY ENHANCEMENT IN MYSQL 5.7 MySQL 5.7 has more security enhancements. Some features were removed and some features are added. A temporary password will be generated at time of installation. It contains 12 characters with alpha-numeric characters for security purposes. In mysql.user table old_password field is removed and password field has changed as authendication_string. All … Continue reading Security Enhancement in MySQL 5.7

Linux Monitoring and Troubleshooting ( Presentation)

This presentation by MyDBOPS team shows the various monitoring commands and tools in Linux for the effective operation of DBA's. As more than 90% of MySQL servers runs on Linux OS it becomes mandatory for DBA's or DevOPS to team to be efficient in Linux monitoring and Troubleshooting.

Getting Started with Mysqlpump ( Parallel mysqldump)

MySQL 5.7 is about to release. Our DBA’s has started to explore a few feature from the complete list of features. Mysqlpump is a new client utility for performing logical backup that is being currently shipped with version MySQL – 5.7.8-rc. This could be the replacement for traditional Mysqldump utility. It was criticized for being … Continue reading Getting Started with Mysqlpump ( Parallel mysqldump)