TokuDB hot Backup and Recovery.

TokuDB is a high compression Engine for MySQL. It uses Fractal tree pages and huge data pages to achieve the The Percona TokuBackup library intercepts system calls that write files and duplicates the writes on backup files. It does this while copying files to the backup directory. The TokuBackup library must be installed into the mysqld … Continue reading TokuDB hot Backup and Recovery.

Security: MySQL Password Validation Plugin

Introduction: Password is be like the words, numbers and string of characters. On database and server side, the username and password were should needed for certain access. The password should be structured and security based. In this section we are going to take a elaborate view on validate_password plugin in MySQL.  We have seen about … Continue reading Security: MySQL Password Validation Plugin

MySQL Enterprise Backup ( MEB)

MySQL Enterprise Backup (MEB) is a high performance hot backup tool. It is a stable tool and evolved with changes in IT industry. The recent versions has support to direct cloud backup in S3. It is an enterprise backup tool from Oracle MySQL and integrated quite well with MEM ( MySQL Enterprise Monitor ). This … Continue reading MySQL Enterprise Backup ( MEB)

An Overview to MySQL SYS Schema

Presentation on MySQL Sys Schema in MySQL 5.7. Sys Schema views can help in better monitoring and understanding the MySQL resource consumption at various levels.

Enabling TokuDB in Percona server 5.7

The TokuDB engine must be separately downloaded and then enabled as a plug-in component in previous versions. This package can be installed alongside with standard Percona Server 5.6 releases starting with 5.6.19-67.0 and does not require any specially adapted version of Percona Server. After acquisition Percona has integrated the TokuDB with their standard Percona Server distribution. … Continue reading Enabling TokuDB in Percona server 5.7

Storing JSON Data Type In MySQL

What is JSON ? Json (Java script object notation ) is a lightweight data-interchange format. It’s easy for humans to read and write.It’s easy for machines to parse and generate. It is used primarily to transmit data between a server and web application, as an alternative to XML. If you want more details click here JSON … Continue reading Storing JSON Data Type In MySQL

Percona Tool kit for Effective MySQL Administration

At MyDBOPS we focus on faster database operations. So we have build our own set of our tools and also we use standard open source tools. Percona tool kit and Xtrabackup are some of the prominent tools we use. This is presentation about a few percona tool that every DBA should consider using it.

Multi-Source Replication in MySQL 5.7

One of the prime feature that makes MySQL popular as an open source database from early days was Replication. MySQL Replication has under gone various improvements in MySQL 5.7. The prominent replication features in MySQL 5.7 are True Multi Threaded Replication ( MTS ) , Multi-source replication and Group Replication ( in lab) . Multi … Continue reading Multi-Source Replication in MySQL 5.7

Faster Logical backup using MyDUMPER (Presentation).

Backups are crucial for any organization. At MyDBOPS our clients need both logical and hot backup. We use mydumper for faster logical backups. We have made a blog on mysqlpump ( 5.7) to make faster logical backup. But mysqlpump do not have rich set of features. mydumper has rich set of features which makes most of … Continue reading Faster Logical backup using MyDUMPER (Presentation).


An Unique feature in MySQL is Replication. In MySQL replication the changes are recorded in Binary log of master irrespective of the Engines. The Binlogs are then applied on the slave. What is Replication filters in MySQL? This filters are used to control which databases and tables has to be replicated to slave. The filters can … Continue reading ONLINE REPLICATION FILTER IN MySQL 5.7