Synopsis of Mydbops 21st edition of MyWebinar

Thank you to everyone who joined us for the 21st edition of MyWebinar. We hope that our time together helped to elevate and seam your work to perfection. We’re committed to giving back to the opensource database community in the coming days by presenting more LIVE events.

Aakash M, Database reliability engineer from Mydbops was successful in making this event more interactive, engaging, and, most importantly, productive for the audience. Thank you for your continuous contribution to the opensource community.

Topic: Achieving High Availability in PostgreSQL

Date: 29th of April, 2023

Time: 11 AM IST

PostgreSQL is known for its robustness, scalability, and flexibility. However, even the most reliable systems can experience failures or downtime, which can result in data loss, reduced productivity, and decreased customer satisfaction.

The speaker provides an excellent overview of various techniques and tools that can help ensure maximum uptime and data integrity for PostgreSQL-based applications. The speaker also introduces to various high availability concepts such as failover, replication, and clustering, and explain how they can be implemented in PostgreSQL.

The key takeaways are:

High Availability in PostgreSQL
Limitations of Streaming Replication
Limitations of Logical Replication.
Open source tools for HA (Patroni)
Patroni Setup
Demo HA with Patroni

After which the speakers had a detailed demo and a quick Q&A session.

In case you were unable to attend, or would like to re-watch the webinar at your leisure, Please follow the link below:

Achieving High Availability in PostgreSQL.

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