Synopsis of Mydbops 11th edition of opensource database meetup

We’re ecstatic and energised at the prospect of sowing the seeds of knowledge in our opensource database community.

Thank you to everyone who came out to our 11th opensource database meetup. Our meetup series began in 2018, and the 11th edition took nearly three years to complete. However, we prioritised quality above quantity when distilling. As a result, many participants of our cherished opensource database community have welcomed our meetups.

Our meetups was mostly focused on demonstrating knowledge of current upgrades, best practises, and hot topics related to MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, and MariaDB. If you’ve ended up here by chance and are a database junkie like us. Here’s where you can get more amazing database resources.

Here’s what we exhibited at our 11th edition. 3 interesting hot topics, 3 renowned speakers, live Q&A session with our audience and most importantly the rightful cognizance to our opensource community.

Santhana gave a goulash introduction talk that included greetings, Mydbops credentials, and why a community contribution is important.

Vaibhav Upadhyay Lead DBA, TechMojo was our first speaker. His enthralling talk on “Best Practices for Running MySQL on Production -” untangled our attendees’ folded wings and caused them to pivot. During this session, the use cases were also covered in further depth. The epilogue of his talk was the live Q&A session which set the stage to slimmer for our second speaker to take over. For your viewing pleasure, here is the access to the SlideShare and video:

Our second speaker was Praveen GR, Associate database consultant, Mydbops. His captivating discussion on “MySQL shell and it’s utilities” was not only instructive but also fascinated the audience. Despite being the longest hour of our meetup, he exuded erudition. We had high hopes for his intermediate Q&A session, but we were blown away. We’d love to host Praveen as our speaker often, quite often indeed. For your viewing pleasure, here is the access to the SlideShare and video:

Our third and final speaker of the day was Kabilesh PR, co-Founder of Mydbops. Despite his ten years of expertise as our leader, his dedication to our opensource database community is always admirable. His talk was titled, “MySQL infra readiness for peak sale events” This talk focused on the most significant components of it as well as its impact. For your viewing pleasure, here is the access to the SlideShare and video:

Thus we concluded our 11th Opensource database meetup  in grandeur style. Our gratitude for the opensource database community extends to the stars. We are overjoyed by the overwhelming response from the crowd. We appreciate your time and the faith you have placed in us. Our commitment to provide high-quality information will last indefinitely. Thank you all once again.

Special thanks to Selva Venkatesh and Manthiramoorthy(Mandy) for effortlessly and smoothly organizing the gathering. Our next meetup is scheduled to go live in January 2022.

Don’t worry if you were unable to attend. All of our meetups and webinars will be live streamed and archived. Please subscribe to LEARN || LIVE || ACHIEVE.

For more information and an update please visit the following URL:






Meetup page:

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