Using RDS for MySQL? Have you upgraded it, yet?

If you haven’t already upgraded to MySQL 5.6, NOW IS THE TIME!!

Starting, August 3rd 2021, RDS will automatically upgrade MySQL 5.6 instances to version 5.7 within the earliest scheduled maintenance window that follows.
Starting, September 1st 2021, RDS will any remaining MySQL 5.6 instances to version 5.7 whether or not they are in a maintenance window.


If you’re thinking to yourself, “It’s an automatic update, so why should I care?” the answer is no.

Whilst, the upgrade seems to be automatic but sometimes the aftermath is catastrophic. Listed below are the significant impact which few organization face after the automatic upgrade:

Data loss
Application getting choked
Data inconsistency flow
Performance degradation
Insert failure
& so much more…

It is a quandary when you don’t have a team to stabilize the aftermath. However, is it possible to hire database experts to take care of both operational & engineering activites for the upgrade?

Yes, assuming you can hire the proper applicant, complete paperwork, induct new employees, impart data flow knowledge, and much more in less than 45 days.


You can speak to an Database connoisseur like us.

Mydbops can help you create a well-thought-out upgrade strategy. For a seamless upgrade, you must first understand your database structure, data flow from the application, schemas, tables, and queries, among other factors. We’ve been an integral part of a wide range of businesses since 2015, offering database assistance, day-to-day operational responsibilities, and a variety of engineering activities.
Using our upgrading consulting service can help you not only with the upgrade but also with our experienced recommendations on how to make your database scale better in the future.

Reach us at


Here’s a quick link of our recent database upgrade videos:

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