Summary of Mydbops 9th Opensource Database Meetup

It’s a Wrap of our 9th Opensource Database Community Meetup.

We hosted the live stream “Mydbops Database Meetup #9” by Mydbops IT Solutions on April 17, 2021. This Meetup edition drew a sizable crowd to bring the Open Source Database Administrative Community together online. Databases such as MySQL and MariaDB were discussed. We were able to schedule the perfect broadcasting for all of the attendees with the aid of tools such as zoom hosting arrangement and YouTube streaming, as well as the dedication of our business team.

Each talk of the 9th Opensource Database Meetup covered an administrative issue as well as a “hot topic.” This meetup aimed to increase the Opensource database community’s awareness and skills, as well as the Assurance Mydbops Meetup committee team’s. The get-together went over well.

Thank you to everyone who attended the live event and actively participated by voting in the poll and asking so many insightful questions. At the end of the session, we answered all of the questions.

Santhana of Mydbops gave the welcome and keynote speech. He invited all attendees and speakers and talked about the open-source database culture.

Welcome & Keynotes

The First speaker was Nilnadhan Joshi, MariaDB Corporation’s Sr. Support Engineer, he spoke about the core topic of “Analyze core files and get backtraces with GDB for Mysql/MariaDB on Linux”. He gave an informative and thorough talk on core dump files and GDB, as well as how to allow core dump and then GDB practices. The number of questions posed and answered during the Q&A session demonstrated the attendees’ enthusiasm for Mysql/MariaDB and its presenter.

Analyze core file and get backtraces with GDB for MySQL/MariaDB on Linux – Nilnandhan Joshi
Analyze Corefile and backtraces with GDB for MySQL/MariaDB on Linux

The next session will  led by Prasad Nagaraj of Scalegrid covered  “MySQL Live Migration – Common Scenarios.” Migrating from on-premise to the cloud, as well as migrating to new hardware and updating to the latest version. The details were so useful that the Q&A session went on past the scheduled end time because so many questions were asked.

MySQL Live Migration – Common Scenarios

Praveen GRMydbops Team gave the day’s final presentation, “DMS (Database Migration Service)” on how to deal with Database Migration tasks and troubleshoot DMS issues. During the discussion, he also answered a variety of questions posed by the Meetup attendees.

Data Migration Service – Mydbops Team
Database Migration Service – A complete overview and working with DMS

Special thanks to Selva Venkatesh, Santhana Gopalan, Manthiramoorthy(Mandy), and Alagu Subitsha for effortlessly and smoothly organizing the gathering, as well as all of the attendees/participants who helped us make it a huge success.

Thank you to everyone who took part, and the next Meetup will be held in July 2021.

For more information and an update please visit the following URL: LinkedIn:​ Twitter:​ Facebook:​ Blogs:​ SlideShare:​ Meetup page:…​ Aws APN page:​

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