Summary of Mydbops Opensource Database Meetup#8

On January 30, 2021, we hosted the live stream ‘Mydbops Database Meetup #8’ by the Mydbops IT Solutions. This Meetup edition had drawn a good amount of attendees connect the Open Source Database Administrative Community, to online meet. We had talks on MySQL and PostgreSQL databases. With the help of software like zoom hosting arrangement and YouTube streaming and commitment of our business team, we easily planned the perfect broadcasting for all of the attendees.

Thank you to everybody who joined the live event and participated actively by voting in the poll and asking so many relevant questions. The answered to all questions on end of session.

The Welcome and keynote talk was given by Pavithra of Mydbops. He spoke about the open source database community and welcomed all the attendees and speakers.

The first set of speakers Mr.Bhuvaneshwarn R – Data Architect, touched upon the core topic of PostgreSQL Connections at Scale gave an insightful and detailed talk on Pgbouncer introduction and how Pgbouncer works and features, then monitoring the Pgbouncer the best deployment Pgbouncer practices.The enthusiasm of the attendees on PostgreSQL and its presenter was witnessed by the number of questions raised and clarified during the Q&A session.

PostgreSQL Connections at Scale – Bhuvaneshwaran R, Data Architect – Searce.

The session next topic of “PostgreSQL Replication/HA Methods ” by Mr. Aakash Muthuramalingam of Mydbops. PostgreSQL replication method and modes of replication ,then types of postgresql replication, physical replication streaming replication. The detailing was so insightful, the Q&A session went beyond the end of session many queries were raised.

PostgreSQL Replication /HA Methods – Aakash Muthuramalingam – Mydbops

Mr.Karthik P R (Founder / CEO) presented the last presentation of the day “Wars of MySQL Clusters(Galera Vs InnoDB)” Replication in MySQL Synchronies and Asynchronies replications, then large synchronies support using Galera cluster, Load balancer support. He also answered the various questions raised by the Meetup attendees during the course of this talk.

Wars of MySQL Clusters – Kathik P R – Founder of Mydbops

Special thanks to Selva VenkateshSanthana Gopalan Manthiramoorthy , Subitsha for seamlessly and smoothly organizing the event and all the attendees/participants who had actually helped us in making this event a grand success.

The Next event is tentatively scheduled on 17th April 2021.

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