Mydbops Database Meetup #7 (Virtual Meetup)

Partnering to participate in knowledge sharing for the community of open source Database Administrators.

In continuation to the community contribution with knowledge gained out of experience and demo, Mydbops IT Solutions, conducted it’s 7th Database Meetup (Virtual) on Saturday, 3rd of October 2020. Due to these Pandemic situation, and for the first time, we have conducted Virtual Database Meetup with a very positive response. With the help of software like zoom hosting arrangement and YouTube streaming and commitment of our business team, we easily planned the perfect broadcasting for all of the attendees.

The participants from various organizations like Flipkart, Walmart, Freshworks, NovaPay, Blazeclan Technologies, Harman, Grab, HCL, Cognizant, United Health, Wipro, Coviam Tech, Samsung and more connected with us and were a great booster for this virtual community Database meetup.

The participants from various organizations are as depicted here :

Attendees Zoom and YouTube Live

Meetup Begins…

Meetup started with a keynote by Mr.Manosh Malai, CTO at Mydbops. He spoke on the new technologies which are opensource and how the industries are taking shape using them and the opportunities galore in the coming days. He also put some light on how well we did during this pandemic time using our trusted opensource database.

Keynotes – Manosh Malai – CTO of Mydbops IT Solutions

Main Topics – Speakers :

  1. MySQL 8 for Database Engineers – Mr.Karthik P R (CEO, Mydbops)

2. eBPF for Troubleshooting Performance Issues(Demo) – Mr.Kabilesh P R (Co-Founder, Mydbops)

3. MongoDB Performance Tuning – Mr.Manosh Malai (CTO, Mydbops)

4. Kubernetes Operator for MySQL – Mr.Vinoth Kanna RS (Co-Founder, Mydbops)

Speakers : Karthik (CEO), Manosh Malai(CTO), Kabilesh (Co-Founder), Vinoth Kanna (Co-Founder)

Our first speaker Mr.Karthik PR spoke on the topic of MySQL 8 for Database Engineers covering MySQL 8 overview, features, clone plugin, Benchmarking backup and recovery, InnoDB replicaset, MySQL Shell, InnoDB disable redo log and InnoDB dedicated server .

MySQL 8 for Database Engineers

Mr.Kabilesh PR – Mydbops, talked about eBPF for Troubleshooting Performance Issues. He explained the advance technical BPF Vs eBPF, BPF analysis, the eBPF support for Linux kernel, Tools action for GUI tools and BPF internals support with a live demo.

eBPF for Troubleshooting Performance Issues(Demo)

Decade long experienced our CTO , Mr.Manosh Malai gave an insightful and detailed talk on MongoDB performance covering the topics such as MongoDB best practices, MongoDB performance analysis tool, Schema design, Indexing, Linux tuning, RDBMS differ MongoDB, ESR Compound index. The participants were so eager to know more about the topic that the Q&A session went beyond the allotted time and all the queries were brilliantly answered.

MongoDB Performance from Mydbops

The session reconvened with the topic of Kubernetes Operator for MySQL by Mr.Vinoth Kanna R S. The Trend Shift and flowchart were explained, along with the Trending K8S operators for operator, difference between Percona XtraDB cluster operator and Presslabs MySQL operator and demo of setting Up PXC Operator.

Kubernetes Operator for MySQL

A Special thanks goes to the open source database community members for their huge support and Organisers Mr.Selva Venkatesh (Head of Business & Sales), Mr.Santhana Gopalan (Manager of Business & Sales), Mr.Manthiramoorthy (Business Development Associate), Alagu Subitsha (Customer Accounts Specialist) of Mydbops IT Solutions for organising it.

All the tech session were made public in our Youtube Channel.

MySQL 8 for Database Engineers Presenter by Karthik P R(CEO – Mydbops)
eBPF for Troubleshooting Performance Issues, Presenter by Kabilesh P R (Co-Founder – Mydbops)
MongoDB Performance, Presenter by Manosh Malai (CTO – Mydbops)
Kubernetes Operator for MySQL, Presenter by Vinoth Kanna R S (Co-Founder – Mydbops)

The presence of knowledge seekers and knowledge providers made this meetup a great platform for knowledge sharing. Participants felt that the topic were relevant and useful for their knowledge prowess. Interactive Q&A sessions gathered the most positive response. Which was very unique when online webinars are considered.

The Next Meetup is tentatively scheduled for January 2021. Stay tuned.

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