Is your database robust to accommodate high traffic throughout this festival season?

This year’s predicted traffic trends are 2X.

Be it e-commerce, logistics, fintech & many more, higher traffic is expected. Is your database permanence enough to nullify the downtime and provide a hustle free journey for your customers?

Speaking of season, here is a fascinating dissection of one of our esteemed client who during the sports season had challenges due to humongous influx of traffic:

Our journey with one of the top fantasy sports platforms which always anticipated a big traffic influx during the IPL season with challenges such as scalability issues, a crash of the database after hitting 6k QPS and needed a scalable MySQL solution.

Benefits reaped by availing Mydbops services are:

● 200K transaction Per Second handling capacity on writer.
● Zero disturbance on peak season of game.
● Better usage of Cloud Infra.
● 20X improvement in performance.
● Optimized queries scales better and faster .
● Best DB archival policy to cope with compliance policy
● Much reduced DB load and smooth performance.
● 24*7 Support with Mydbops Remote DBA team.


most importantly a “HAPPY CUSTOMER”

“Mydbops really helped us scale 20X times in very short span. They are really good at Database Optimization, Security and Maintenance. Above all, their attitude towards owning up client’s problems and treating them like theirs is absolutely mind blowing. Highly recommended.”


If offers & deals speaks volumes, so does your customer experience.

For companies that rely on MySQL, MongoDB & PostgreSQL and their related technologies, we have created several sublime experiences like this. This festival season, reach us out for leveraging the full capacity of your cloud intra & a scalable solution for your database servers.


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