Annoucement: Mydbops Virtual database Meetup ( Oct 03 2020)

“The first step towards wisdom is to acquire knowledge. The first step towards humanity is knowledge sharing.”


Mydbops Live is a community centered meetup for Database Engineers, Cloud DBA’s, DB Reliability Engineers, CTO’s, DB Architects & Cloud Architects, Engineering Manager, VP & Director of Engineering to comprehend the latest opensource database technologies upgrades from the industry leaders.

Come gain from the best and most brilliant of the open source database systems as they share their insight, experience, and use cases with you in this live meetup and instructional exercises.


Mydbops Live is the place to learn how your applications can be driven by open source database technology, enhance your websites, protect your data, and solve critical database problems.

Still running on an older version of MySQL? Learn What’s new in MySQL 8 by Karthik PR(Founder, Mydbops)
Operose performance issues? EBPF for troubleshooting performance issues by Kabilesh PR(Co-Founder, Mydbops)
Switching & searching tabs on MongoDB performance issues? A session to juncture you with quick fix by Manosh Malai(CTO, Mydbops)
Can’t wait to learn the latest technology trends? Vinoth Kanna(Co-Founder, Mydbops) is here to enlighten you on Kubernetes operator for MySQL

We are excited, as this is our first virtual live meetup our leadership team have planned extremely intriguing modules for our community learning.

As a piece of kindness we request you to elevate the meetup to all the eyes who are anticipating to learn new updates on opensource database & upgrade, if you don’t mind please share it with your companions and associates whom you think would be valuable by this meetup.

We look forward to seeing you at this important event!

DATE: Oct 03rd, 2020


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