“Chore”​ or “Core”​ why Mydbops support is an inevitable prerequisite for managing your Opensource database ?

At some point, your database will be in need of a critical upgrade, or you might need to migrate workloads to the cloud, to tune your database for performance, or consolidate your database infrastructure. Do you have in-house Expertise/ Database Team up for the task?

Specialized database projects will require a high level of expertise, are time-consuming and take resources away from other tasks. Depending upon your IT resources available, outsourcing to Mydbops often the most viable solution to accomplish your goals quickly. The benefits of outsourcing include:

1. Reduce Costs

You may not have the budget to add additional staff to meet the requirements for your project. Reallocating and retraining existing resources may affect other critical projects or take away from day to day maintenance and may not be a feasible solution. Outsourcing, on the other hand, may provide you with the solution you need to maintain operations, complete your project, and save you from going over budget. Downtime on database is costly.

(According to a study by the MIT Sloan Management Review, 300 U.S. companies who spent $96.1 million on IT outsourcing yielded a savings of $121.1 million in operating costs and other non-IT functions.)

2. Focus on Your Business

While your database project will benefit your organization’s bottom line, your core competency is likely not in database optimization or workload migration. Outsourcing these projects to those with specialized skills like accredited engineers and technical experts will enable you to complete your project in less time and under budget while you focus on optimizing your business.

3. 24/7 monitoring:

Given budget constraints, it’s not feasible to have an in-house staff monitor your IT environment around the clock, especially during peak selling season, weekends and holidays.

Many organizations simply go without coverage but that is a mistake. According to a study by Data Center Dynamics, data center downtime costs $7000 a minute, not an expense many organizations can afford. Mydbops can provide 24/7 monitoring to detect serious issues before downtime occurs.

4. Effective ROI.

Increased team productivity:

Expert IT employees that might have otherwise been used for in-house DBA can be re-deployed to more business-critical, revenue-producing projects.

Accelerated problem resolution:

Mydbops Remote DBA solutions focus entirely upon administrative support, 24×7. This curtails response times for problem resolution, user requests, and performance-related issues.

Increased availability to 24/7:

While numerous firms pursue cost savings by outsourcing development and administration tasks overseas, differences in time zones and workdays can create gaps in coverage and response times and force in-house staff to work off-hours. On-shore remote DBA eliminates these issues.

Leveraging state-of-the-art monitoring tools:

Mydbops remote DBA eliminates the costs that a firm would have to spend on expensive in-house monitoring tools.

Tracking and auditing database management work:

Comprehensive accounting of work performed, including ticket tracking and resolution analysis, is a valuable IT management tool that can allow more granular breakdown of tasks handled.

DBA Consulting:

Mydbops consultants provide valuable guidance to IT managers which can help them in adopting modern database technologies to scale their DB infra.

5. Consulting and IT Road Mapping

Because it is our core business, we are always up to date with latest technology trends in the industry. Whether you need to outsource your entire project or only a portion of it, you can be rest assured that you will have access to the expertise you need to complete your IT road-map.

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