Exploring Logical Backup in PostgreSQL.

                      Backup and Recovery is one of the most essential jobs for every database administrator. We all know the importance of the backups for the databases. Here I am not going to write its importance, rather about the different types of backup tools available for … Continue reading Exploring Logical Backup in PostgreSQL.

GeoSpatial data handling made easy with MySQL 8.0

Human geography examines the dynamics of cultures, societies and economies, and physical geography examines the dynamics of physical landscapes and the environment. In this blog i am going to explain what are the new Geography features available in MySQL 8.0 Major Difference in MySQL 5.7 & 8.0 Geography : There is a big change from … Continue reading GeoSpatial data handling made easy with MySQL 8.0

Securing MongoDB Cluster with TLS/SSL

The world is in a pandemic situation and I believe everyone doing good. Please Stay Home! Stay Safe! In this situation, most of the people are doing WFH, and I believe its the right time to talk about how to enable the Developer, OPS Team, and DBA can initiate secure encrypted TCP connection instead of … Continue reading Securing MongoDB Cluster with TLS/SSL