5th Mydbops Database Meetup (Saturday, 2nd of Nov. 2019)

We are fueled and energized by the inquisitiveness and eagerness of Database Administrators as a community, reminding us of conducting the next edition of Mydbops Database Meetup. The regular attendees are now looking forward to this quarterly meetup organized by Mydbops, for the benefit of its participants, with the latest hands-on knowledge being shared by the practitioners themselves.

This time we are back in to Diamond District as the venue for this edition of 5th Mydbops Database Meetup, even though, the place of the meeting will be in a different Tower within the same campus at Gojek Tech, Diamond District, 4th Floor, Tower ‘B’, HAL Road, Bangalore – 560 008.

Mydbops Database Meetup

Bangalore, IN
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Let us meet together at Mydbops Database Conference. This meetup would be highly beneficial for DevOPS Engineers , DBA’s , SRE and the passionate engineers on database. Our ke…

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Mydbops Database Meetup – 5

Saturday, Nov 2, 2019, 9:00 AM
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We have two eminent external speakers this time in Mr. Shiv Iyer who is a longtime (approx. 17 years) MySQL expert with core expertise in performance, scalability, high availability and database reliability engineering, Mr. Shiv Iyer is currently the founder and principal of MinervaDB, a boutique-private-label consulting, support, remote DBA and education services provider for MySQL, MariaDB, Percona Server, MyRocks and Click House with over 100 customers worldwide. Mr. Shiv Iyer, in the past worked for companies like MySQL AB, SUN Microsystems, AOL, eBay, PayPal, PalominoDB and Percona. Shiv also is a frequent speaker in open source conferences worldwide.

The next external speaker for the 5th edition of Mydbops Database Meetup is Mr.Gopinath Karangula MySQL DBA, RHCSA, RHCE, ERP Production Support engineer, Subverision Version Administration, Configuration management, ANT build and release, QA, sanity test of Opentaps ERP Application releases and its administration.  He is part of the Amadeus Labs in Bangalore.

From Mydbops, we have its star speakers during this community session. Mr.Vinoth Kanna, who recently gave impressive and informative speech to the Open Source Community, will be the sharing his thoughts along with Mr. Manosh Malai, who is an avid Tech Speaker and an open source enthusiast.

From Right to Left – Mr.Shiv Iyer, Mr.Manosh Malai, Mr.Vinoth Kanna, Mr.Gopinath Karangula

Meetup begins by 9 am in the above mentioned venue with registration process for all pre-registrants as well as walk-ins for the meetup. We do have a networking session in-between, in order to ensure the community is truly getting to know each other personally, through this platform of Mydbops Database Meetup (MDM).

MDM sessions are more interactive with the scheduled Q&A sessions after every speaker completes his knowledge sharing.

Since it is a community program, we gather valuable feed backs from its participants, in order to keep it continually improving for the better usage of the platform.

Register yourself for free by visiting us at – https://bit.ly/2q1tcNO

You are invited to this session, if you are a Database Enthusiast and are interested in gaining a first-hand-industry-relevant information with regard to Database Administration as a Technology.

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