Mydbops @ Open Source India, 2019

Open Source India 2019 has been a showcase event for Mydbops IT Solutions during all the years of its association. This year it has been a very special occasion, as Mydbops has introduced a “Global-First-Industry-First” framework for the Database Administrative world.

Mydbops Team at OSI days 2019


Any issue/requirement with Database Servers can be clubbed within this framework of S-E-P-S i.e., Stability-Efficiency-Performance-Scalability. The machine critical works from most of the organisations, fall under these issues of S-E-P-S. After a thorough research of 2000+ requirements from among 400+ clients, we have had an “eureka” moment of finding the universal framework of classifying the issues under this framework.

Open Source India 2019 at NIMHANS Convention Center during 17th & 18th October, 2019 has been a perfect platform for us to showcase to the Open Source world, about this framework that was invented by Mydbops IT Solutions.

Knowledge Sharing+Lucky Draw

We also conducted a lucky draw for the participants who wanted to access our knowledge materials in the way of blog as well as in other social media platforms. We could claim that 80% of the visitors to OSI 2019 had visited and chatted with our team during this two days. Among them almost 40% of them are scholars, who wanted to make their own mark in the world of technology. There were also discussions on taking our services as a business proposition during this event i.e., business prospects.

Winners of our Lucky Draw Contest who were curious to know about our knowledge sharing in DBA Technology

The lucky winners ranged from the scholars to scientists.

Speaker of the Day

“Scaling ProxySQL for High Concurrency” was the topic on which our Principle Database Architect, Mr. Vinoth Kanna, gave a presentation on which was well attended by the participants from various streams of the IT World. There were visitors who had queued up in order to discuss further more on the topic with Mr. Vinoth Kanna one-on-one through out the day.

Mr. Vinoth Kanna at Open Source India 2019.

Interactions galore

As every year, 2019 at Open Source India has been a great experience for Mydbops. Meaningful conversations with curious visitors, knowledge seekers, known friends, students, business solution seekers, startup founding fathers, luckiest of lucky and we met such variety of people during this two day event. It is always been a pleasure being part of Open Source India. A special thanks to Mr. Shubhendu Nanda of OSI 2019 for coordinating with us for a seamless experience.

Indepth discussions happening at our stall no. A3

We also had a friendly visitors from technology giants like Oracle, Microsoft Azure, IBM, PostgreSQL and other well known brands. The conversations with them had been in-depth and sharing of strategies and knowledge in the open source world and the way Mydbops has been making a mark on its own. Such interactions have been found very healthy and most required among the branded players in the open source market.

Looking forward to OSI 2020, as eager as every one of our visitors. To share something new with new people around the corner. Until then with great memories from here.

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