MDLC – Internship offerings

Conceptualized and Created by Mydbops Database Learning Center

Mydbops is in the process of taking interns for its next round of recruitment, training and development. This is a great news for the DBA Community, as hands-on-experience and training is the best in the industry only at Mydbops. This is an opportunity, never to be missed by the budding Database Administrators.

The quality standards that is being set by Mydbops among its clients, is being imparted to its interns. And these standards are ever changing. Mydbops Database Learning Center (MDLC) has taken up the mandate of imparting the knowledge and instilling these best practices from the DB World.

The gold standards set by Mydbops in the Indian Market is expanding its gold-standard-training with this internship offerings. To get selected into this cycle itself is a procedure of knowledge testing and a great opportunity for fresh job seekers.

STEP 1 : F-T-F – Once when you share your CV explaining your demographic details and other vitals (Technical, Social and Educational) that your prospective employer had to see; you are called-in for a face-to-face interview with our panel of DBAs. On satisfying the expectations of the panelists with regard to attitudinal and technological bent of your knowledge and personality, you are selected for the second round.

STEP 2 : SL – This step consists of a period of time, that you decide as a candidate in order to equip yourself with the knowledge on the topic recommended by the panelists. This topic forms as the base to assess your inquisitiveness towards acquiring knowledge and understanding concepts in the topic through self-learning. The day that you agree upon will be the day of your presentation to the panelists on the prescribed topic.

STEP 3: KT – On successful completion of presentation, where you display your knowledge transfer capabilities and moreover after answering the relevant questions, you are selected in to the internship mode of Mydbops. Here is were the real learning starts under the able guidance by the founding members of Mydbops. There will also be multi-periodical evaluations on your knowledge enhancement.

STEP 4: Induction – This 4 month period of 90 working days, your knowledge level is grown exponentially in the area of Relational Database Management Systems of MySQL and MongoDB of NoSQL. With the base knowledge enhancement in Linux operating system is going to be learning gamut in itself.

STEP 5 : OJT – After successful completion of induction, you are absorbed in to the elite company of DBAs in Mydbops. This period is called as On-the-Job-Training. This period is co-working in to the dynamic culture of Mydbops, where the trajectory of growth in niche IT sector begins.

If you are ready for this niche talent to be developed in you and/or if you are a potential candidate and/or if you come across a potential candidate, who has a flare for Database Administration and most importantly a trust worthy personality, feel free to send your/his/her updated CV to

TIPS for Job Seekers :

1. Be yourself.

2. Equip yourself with latest information in the stream of your interest.

3. Practice continuously to convey your ideas loud and clear.

4. Stay hungry, Stay foolish.

5. See opportunities and exhibit your knowledge of correlation in every act.

All the very best for all the potential job seekers.

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