Upcoming Mydbops Database Meetup -4 (03-08-2019)

Mydbops continues with its commitment to the open source community comprising of Database Administrators. After the successful conduct of three meet-ups in the past, we are now stepping ahead on to the 4th edition of Mydbops Database meet-up.

First time, we are going to the new venue, thanks to the kind people of Zenefits Technologies India Pvt.Ltd., It is a real pleasure to be hosted by the like-minded organisation in the city of Bangalore, scheduled on Saturday, 3rd of August, 2019 at Zenefits Office.

In the past three editions, the focus was on the latest and hands-on topics by the selected speakers from the DBA World. This focus gets sharper this time as well. The topics for the 4 th Mydbops Database Meetup are:

InnoDB scalability improvements in MySQL 8.0 Mr. Karthik P R, Founder / CEO of Mydbops, a MIT Masters Graduate.

Using ZFS filesystem, with MySQLMr.Bajrang Panigrahi, Sr. DBA at Zenefits Technologies (I) Pvt, Ltd.,a B.Tech graduate from BPUT

What is new is Galera 4 ?Mr. Aakash M, Rookie DBA at Mydbops, B.E. Graduate from KCET

MongoDB Sharded Cluster – How to design your Topology – Mr. Vinodh Krishnaswamy, Support Engineer at Percona and B.E. Graduate from KCT.

The topics are chosen with care, in order to capture the hands-on experience on the evolving subjects in order to sharing the knowledge to the gathering. Kindly register in the below link in order to attend the meet up.The meetup begins at 9:00 AM on the designated day with the following schedule:

Time Activity
09:00 AM Registration Commences
09:15 AMKey Note Presentation by Mr.Sagar Birla
09:30 AM Talk on Topic by Mr. Karthik P. R.
10:10 AM Talk on Topic by Mr. Bajrang Panigrahi
10:50 AM High Tea cum Networking
11:00 AM Talk on Topic by Mr. Aakash
11:40 AM Talk on Topic by Mr. Vinodh Krishnaswamy
12:30 PMNetworking and Dispersement

Connect here to register for free – https://bit.ly/2OesFUC

Mydbops Database Meetup – 4

Saturday, Aug 3, 2019, 9:00 AM

Zenefits Technologies India Private Limited
2981, 12th Main Rd Bengaluru, Ka

37 Members Went

=======================( No registration Fee )=========================== Event Agenda and Speaker info 09:00 AM – Registration 09:15 AM – Keynote Presentation by Sagar Birla ( Zenefits ) How Zenefits, have tweaked AWS SWF service to be used as a queuing mechanism. And what were the challenges (and solutions) that Zenefits faced during deployment o…

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