Summary – Mydbops Database Meetup (Apr-2019)

Conglomeration, Collaboration and Celebration of Database Administrators

Founders of Mydbops envisioned contributing knowledge back to the community. This vision is shaping up in its 3rd edition of the Meetup held on Saturday the 27th of April, 2019. This meetup edition had drawn a good amount of members from the Open Source Database Administrative Community, to the venue.  The core agenda was set on “High Availability concepts in ProxySQL and Maxscale”. There were also presentations in MongoDB Internals along with MySQL Orchestrator and its implementation excellence at Ola (ANI Technologies Pvt. Ltd.)

The participants from various organisations like MariaDB, TeleDNA, CTS, OLA, Infosys, Quikr and more had gathered for the meetup. The participants from various organisations are as depicted here (In Percentage).

Introduction to the session started off with vision and mission of “contribution to the Open Source Database Community”.  History of the past journey towards the 3rd edition of Mydbops Database Meet up was revisited with gratitude of all its contributors. Conglomerate collaboration of Tri-Party was at display – Participants, Organisers and Presenters. 

Keynote by Benedict Henry & Manosh Malai

The first set of speakers touched upon the core topic of ProxySQL High Availability. Reverse Proxy, Replication Breakage Handling, basics of ProxySQL Handling & Topology and ProxySQL Clustering were touched upon by Mr. Aakash M and Mr.Vignesh Prabhu.  They were also MySQL 5.7 Certified, they dealt the concepts and implementation of the ProxySQL High Availability in detail.

Presentation by S.Vignesh & M. Akash – Mydbops

More than a decade long experienced Mr.Pramod R Mahto, Technical Support Engineer at MariaDB Corporation gave an insightful and detailed talk on MariaDB Maxscale – High Availability Solution. His talk focused on Router Filters, Auto-Failover, Auto-Rejoin, Switchover and other relevant modules in MariaDB Maxscale. The detailing was so insightful, the Q&A session went beyond the allotted time and many queries were raised.

Presentation by Pramod R Mahto – MariaDB Corporation

During the High-Tea and Networking break, there was also an appeal for increasing the frequency of these future meet ups. The high and helpful usage of Mydbops’ blogs was highlighted by many of the participants.


The session reconvened with the add-on topic of “MongoDB wired Tiger Internals: Journey to Transactions” by Mr. Manosh Malai and Mr. Ranjith of Mydbops. Horizontal & Vertical Scalable, Wired Tiger Architecture, Wired Tiger Internals (Sessions/Cursors/Schema), MVCC Workflow and Transaction Data Flush Time. The enthusiasm of the participants on NoSQL and its presenter was witnessed by the number of questions raised and clarified during the Q&A session.

Presentation by Manosh Malai & Ranjith – Mydbops

Healing of MySQL Topology with MySQL Orchestrator was the topic of the last session of the day with Mr. Krishna Ramanathan and Mr.Anil Yadav as the presenters from OLA (ANI Technologies Pvt. Ltd.)  Orchestrator, pre-failover process, healing & post-failover process were the topics of the discussion with the specific demo from the Ola Cabs.

Presentation by Anil Yadav & Krishna Ramanathan – OLA

The speakers were felicitated with gifts and beautiful bouquets by the founders of Mydbops, Karthik P R, Vinoth Kanna R S and Kabilesh P R at the end of event.  Group photo of all the happy and enlightened participants was shot.

Felicitation of the Speakers
3rd Mydbops Database Meetup Conglomerater

Special thanks to Mr. Manosh Malai, Mr. Selva Venkatesh, Mr. Benedict Henry for seamlessly and smoothly organising the event and all the attendees/participants who had actually helped us in making this event a grand success. Thanks for the Venue sponsor Thought factory ( Axis Bank Innovation Lab).

The Next event is tentatively scheduled for July 2019. Follows us to know the exact date, time and venue of 4th Mydbops Database Meetup.


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