MySQL in OSI days 2015

Open Source India  days ( 2015 ) was held at NIMHANS Convention Centre  in Bangalore. It was a two days event. Database day track was held at the second day. MyDBOPS team has participated with enthusiasm.

Presentation Schedule


Oracle Linux and MySQL have their Stalls at the Venue ( Oracle and MySQL were Gold partners of this event ).There were five presentation from MySQL Team including the Key note.

MySQL Team majorly focused on MySQL 5.7 which was released on 26-10-2015.

  • MySQL Replication enhancements and features
  • MySQL Optimizer
  • JSON Support in MySQL
  • Virtual columns
  • Performance Schema in MySQL
  • MySQL Security.



Replication Enhancement in MySQL 5.7 was delivered by Sujatha Sivakumar. It was very interactive session and it audience made too many questions about MySQL replication especially Group replication ( LAB ) and multi source replication.



Slides : An Overview of MySQL replication in MySQL 5.7 and beyond.

Optimizer Enhancement and JSON support in MySQL 5.6 by Sree Harsha.


Key note was delivered by Sanjay Manwani ( MySQL India Director at Oracle ) in the afternoon session. He is the key person beyond MySQL user camp in INDIA.

Followed by that Mayank along with Nitin made a presentation on Performance Schema and MySQL Security.


Slide : MySQL Performance Schema Out of box in MySQL 5.7

The last season was on “The scalability axes of MySQL” by Megha Singhvi.

Overall the sessions were good and MySQL Team dominated the Database day track.

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